Free Bulk Whatsapp Marketing Software Solution

Alphaa Whatsapp Sender Pro - AI Powered Free Whatsapp Marketing Software

Alphaa Whatsapp Sender Pro - AI Powered Free Whatsapp Marketing Software

Alphaa Whatsapp Sender Pro is a Microsoft Windows based AI Powered Free Whatsapp Marketing Software to send bulk whatsapp messages for business marketing and promotional purpose using your own personal or business whatsapp number. You can download and install this software in your desktop computer or laptop and then use it as you need. It has a a very user friendly interface and is very simple but a powerful tool that helps you to reach your customers and leads in a quick time.

Advantages of Whatsapp Marketing Software over Personal / Business Whatsapp

Know why and how our solution is better than using personal and business whatsapp for promoting your business.

If you use whatsapp from your personal device (mobile/computer), then currently you face the below limitations which comes along

Limitation of Whatsapp Group
You need to add all numbers one by one in the Group. Also If you are sending bulk messages using Groups then the end customer always has the option to leave the group.

Limitation of Whatsapp Broadcast
If you are sending bulk messages using Broadcast features then the message will get delivered to only the customers who have also stored your number and the message will not be delivered to customers who have not stored your number even though you have stored their number in your contact.

Limitation of Whatsapp Status
If you are using the Whatsapp Status to give updates about your business products / services to your customers, then again your status is only visible to customers who have stored your contact number and again here the customer will have to check the Whatsapp Status list and that too within the 24 Hour window as the whatsapp status messages are only visible for the 24 hours from the time of posting. So there is high probability that the customer might not see your posted updates.

All the above limitations are eliminated when you use our whatsapp marketing solution to send messages.

Personal / Business Whatsapp Alphaa Whatsapp Sender Pro
Need to add contact number to whatsapp. No need to add contacts to your whatsapp.
In whatsapp broadcast feature message delivers to only customers who have stored your contact number. Message gets delivered to all customers who have whatsapp and it does not matter whether they have stored or not stored your contact number.
In whatsapp status message there is a 24 hour timeline window and high chances that customer will miss your status update message. Instant delivery to customer’s whatsapp and no 24 hour timeline limit.
Cannot send bulk messages for mass marketing and sending one to one messages is too time consuming and a tedious task. Can send bulk messages for mass marketing which saves a lot of time and efforts.
You can send whatsapp messages using just your whatsapp registered number. You can send whatsapp messages from any number registered on whatsapp, i.e. you can send from multiple accounts


Our smart AI based Whatsapp Marketing Solutions come with advanced messaging features which allows you to send bulk whatsapp messages with text, links, images, videos and attachments to 100s of your customers with just a Single click.

File Attachments

Use for Sending

Marketing Messages
Product Promotions
Discount Offers
Festival and Birthday Greetings
Business Updates

Download and Installation


  • Microsoft Windows 7 or later OS
  • 4 GB RAM
  • Browser - Mozilla Firefox


To download the latest version of the Free Whatsapp Marketing Software click on the below link.

Latest Free Whatsapp Marketing Software

Installation Steps

Step 1. Extract - After Download is completed, Extract the contents.

Step 2. Setup Folder - Now go to the SETUP folder
For Windows 32 bit System: Go to x86 folder and click on the setup.exe file
For Windows 64 bit System: Go to x64 folder and click on the setup.exe file

Step 3. Install - Once the setup.exe is clicked the software will start installing you just follow the instructions and take necessary action. After successful installation a green colored shortcut icon will be created on your desktop home screen with application name Alphaa Whatsapp Sender Pro

User Manual

The software is very user friendly, easy to use and can be mastered by just using it a couple of times. To begin just download the below user manual document which will guide you in using this application.

How to Use Free Whatsapp Marketing Software


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